Your response

Enact your personal emergency plan.

Call 000 for life threatening emergencies.

Call the SES on 132 500 for flood, storm and earthquake emergency.

Bushfire Place of Last Resort (Neighbourhood Safer Place)

If you find yourself in a life threatening situation and are unable to safely evacuate, you may choose to get to one of the 'Bushfire Places of Last Resort'. These locations are not guaranteed to provide safety or to be protected by emergency services and will not be staffed. As the title suggests, these places should only be used as a last resort.

To gain entry use the intercom near the door to contact the Doncaster Police Station. The Police will supply you with a code for the lock box which contains a key to unlock the front door.


  • Wonga Park Primary School, 41 Dudley Road, Wonga Park
  • Warrandyte Senior Citizens Club, 8 Taroona Ave, Warrandyte
  • Warrandyte Reserve Pavilion, 2 Taroona Ave, Warrandyte
  • Domeney Recreation Centre, 24-52 Knees Road, Park Orchards

Other Information


Never fly a drone, model aircraft or multirotor near bushfires. While it might be tempting to record footage, you can pose a major safety risk to firefighting personnel in the air and on the ground. If a drone is in the area during a fire then the firefighting aircraft will stay grounded.

For more information go to the Civil Aviation Safety Authority website.

Our response

During an emergency Council may be asked to open an Emergency Relief Centre. We will not know which centre will be opened until an emergency occurs and this will be advertised by Council and the media.

These centres will be staffed by Council employees and provide basic services such as shelter, food and water. The Red Cross, the Department of Health and Human Services, personal support agencies (Doncare or Victorian Council of Churches) and other relevant agencies may also attend.