Gambling provides a legal form of entertainment and leisure, and for the most part, people gamble with enjoyment and without harm. However, some people find themselves in the position where gambling becomes a problem – for them and for their family and friends.

If you are concerned about your gambling, or a friend or family members gambling, you can get help. For more informationand contact details, visit the Crisis and Support Services page.

Gambling Policy and Action Plan 2012-2017

Manningham Council's Gambling Policy 2012 - 2017 (216.1 KB)  states that:

  • Council will not encourage or support the expansion of gambling activities within the municipality
  • Council, in association with other stakeholders, will endeavour to minimise gambling related harm and the incidence of problem gambling; and to enhance any potential community benefits of gambling
  • Council will endeavour to identify, prevent and mitigate adverse social impacts of gambling
  • Council will continue to develop, maintain and promote a range of sporting, leisure and recreation facilities and opportunities in Manningham.

Local responsible gambling initiatives

Research to support Council in considering local applications for gaming venues and electronic gaming machines

Council has undertaken research to support it in considering applications that are made for a) new or extended gaming venues in Manningham and b) the installation of electronic gaming machines (pokies) at gaming venues in Manningham; and also to aid in supporting local gambling related harm minimisation initiatives.

Outcomes include:

  • A report on the Social and Economic Impacts of Problem Gambling on the Manningham Community
  • Suggested amendments to the Manningham Planning Scheme including a new Local Policy 22.18 Gaming

The final documents are:

Chinese Restaurant Shift Worker – problem gambling issues

Local research suggests that shift workers at Chinese restaurants are susceptible to engaging in gambling activities on a regular basis, particularly during their afternoon break between their lunchtime and dinner shifts (i.e. 3pm – 5pm).

Video Gaming Project

Video games are captivating. They offer a reality in which people can forget themselves and their worries. They connect individuals to millions of other players who are always ready to play. But video games have a flip side. As a community based youth service, the Manningham YMCA frequently receive calls from parents, teachers and youth expressing concerns about the amount of time young people spend playing video games and how this impacts their lives.

The symptoms of excessive gaming are similar to gambling addiction, including an inability to stop playing, craving more time at the computer, neglect of family and friends, eating irregularities, sleep disturbance, preoccupation and lying about playing habits.

To address this growing problem, Manningham YMCA has designed a prevention and early intervention community based youth program. For more information, visit the Video Gaming Project.

Involvement in Networks

Council participates in the Eastern Metropolitan Region Gambling Group along with other Local Councils and service providers which meets regularly to discuss common approaches and strategies to address gambling issues across the Eastern Metropolitan Region.

Provisions of alternatives to gambling

Council owns, maintains and promotes a range of sporting, leisure and recreational facilities across Manningham and actively encourages all people to get involved in a local sporting club, recreational activity, neighbourhood house learning activity or social activity.