Council maintains the roads in Manningham, with the exception of some main roads which are VicRoads' responsibility.

Manningham has 581 kilometres of sealed roads and approximately 18 kilometres of unsealed roads.

Road Maintenance

On sealed roads, maintenance includes:

  • Patching of potholes
  • Street sweeping
  • Remarking of faded lines
  • Resurfacing and rehabilitation of roads
  • Kerb and channel repairs

On unsealed (gravel) roads, maintenance includes:

  • Grading
  • Pothole patching
  • Clearing of open drains

 Other maintenance services include:

  • Replacement and repair of drainage pits and pit lids
  • Clearing and replacement of underground drains
  • Clearing of dumped rubbish
  • Signage maintenance
  • Road furniture repairs and installation
  • Bridge maintenance

For further information please call the Engineering Operations Unit on (03) 9840 9333.

Current Projects

Council staff manage the development of capital projects from concept to completion, and consult with the community through a variety of means including correspondence, surveys and public meetings. For larger projects, reference panels are generally formed by nominations at public meetings to assist Council staff during the project development phase.

For more current project information, visit the Community Directory website.

King Street Stage 1

Work has begun on the reconstruction of King Street Stage 1, between Blackburn Road and Wyena Way, Templestowe. 

To improve the safety and amenity of the area, two through lanes and widening at intersections will be constructed, a shared path will be added on the northern side of the road and vehicle crossings, parking bays and landscaping will be constructed.

A community reference panel and open consultation process with local residents helped develop the upgrade construction plans.

The project has been a number of years in planning and included negotiations with VicRoads to swap road responsibilities for King St between Blackburn Road and Victoria Street, in exchange for Blackburn Road between King Street and Reynolds Road. In total, stage 1 of the upgrade is estimated to cost $2.26 million.

For more information visit the Your Say Manningham website or contact the Technical Services Engineer on 9846 0572.

Traffic Management

Works which will impact traffic on roads require a traffic management plan to ensure community safety. The responsibility for arranging traffic management rests with the works manager responsible for the proposed works.

To arrange traffic management on Council roads, a traffic management plan prepared to the Australian Standards must be submitted to Council. Applications are required to be received by Council a minimum of 10 working days prior to the proposed date of commencement of works.

Works managers should note that where major traffic control is proposed and for works on roads under VicRoads control, a memorandum of authorisation will be required to be obtained from VicRoads.

Requests for New Paths and Roads

Requests for the construction of roads and footpaths should be directed to Council’s Engineering and Technical Services Unit on (03) 9840 9333.

Light Weight Pavement Program

Council's Light Weight Pavement program enables residents with concerns regarding airborne dust to have their road sealed on a shared cost basis between abutting property owners and Council.

For further information please call the Engineering Operations Unit on (03) 9840 9333.

Footpaths and Nature Strips

Council maintains the footpaths in Manningham. Inspections are conducted regularly to identify maintenance issues.

Damaged footpaths are either replaced or, where a height difference occurs between slabs, joints may be ground to remove the displacement.

Nature strip trees are maintained through a pruning program to ensure road, footpath and power line clearance.

For further information please call the Engineering Operations Unit on (03) 9840 9333.

Driveways and Vehicle Crossings/Cross Overs

Icon for application/pdf Vehicle Crossing Permit Application (561.74 KB) is required to alter, repair or construct a driveway in Manningham.

A vehicle crossing is the section of driveway from the front of the property boundary to the roadway.

Please do not send payment with the application form. Invoices for the application fee will be forwarded to you in approximately seven to ten days.

The permit will be issued once payment has been received.

The permit is valid for a period of 6 months from the date of issue unless approval has been given to extend the permit. Council reserves the right to revoke the permit at any time.

The vehicle crossing must conform to Council Standards, specifications and requirements and be constructed under Council supervision. For further information please refer to Specification for the Construction of Concrete and Other Vehicle Crossings in Permanently Constructed Streets (92.9 KB)

Vehicle crossings must be a minimum of 3 metres and a maximum of 6 metres in width unless approved as part of a planning permit.

The number of vehicle crossings permitted per property is detailed in the table below:

Property Frontage1 vehicle crossing2 vehicle crossings
0 metres to 15 metres3 metres onlyNot permitted
15 metres to 30 metres3 metres to 6 metresNot permitted
30 metres to 60 metres3 metres to 6 metres3 metres each
60+ metres (rural area)3 metres to 6 metres3 metres to 6 metres each

For further information please call the Engineering Operations Unit on (03) 9840 9333.

Temporary Road or Lane Closure

Written approval is required in order to temporarily close a road or lane under the management and control of Council.

Contractors, organisations, and residents wishing to temporarily close a road or arrange a partial lane closure in order to undertake works, hold an event such as a festival or other activity, or to conduct a street party using a local street, need to obtain consent from the Council prior to closing the road.

A minimum of 10 working days is required to enable processing an application. Applications received at short notice may not be processed to meet deadlines.

Click to download a copy of the Icon for application/pdf Application for Approval-Temporary Road Closure (247.3 KB)

The applicant will be required to indemnify Council against any liabilities and to meet other conditions.

Applications submitted to Council need to include the following information in relation to the proposed road/lane closure:

  • Exact location of requested road or lane closure
  • Reason for the closure
  • Date, time and period of the proposed closure
  • Evidence of Police consent
  • A detailed traffic management plan prepared to the satisfaction of Council, and in accordance with relevant standards
  • A copy of a public liability insurance certificate of currency to the value of $10 million

Consent may also be required from the relevant bus company, if the affected road or street is us ed as a bus route.

If the proposed closure impacts on an arterial road under the management and control of VicRoads, the application will need approval from VicRoads, South East Metropolitan Region.

Applications are to be made in writing to: The Manager, Engineering and Technical Services Unit, Manningham City Council, PO Box 1, Doncaster VIC 3108.

Further information can be obtained from Council on (03) 9840 9333 or use our online service request form

Works in Roads

Works Within Road Reserve Permits are required to ensure works on road reserves under Council care are undertaken safely and in accordance with Council standards. These works include activities such as digging, landscaping works, service connections, etc. Under the provisions of the Road Management Act, the applicant is responsible for reinstatement following the works and the management of public safety during the works. These provisions extend to pedestrian and vehicle traffic impacts and the potential need for traffic management plans to be developed before the works are implemented.

If builders or contractors need to carry out any works on Council managed roads, footpaths, laneways or right-of-ways, a Works Within Road Reserves Permit must be obtained before works proceed.

Once the application is submitted, conditions will be set regarding the undertaking of the works and the Permit will be issued following payment of the Application Fee.

Those who are proposing to work within the Council road reserve, are required to apply to Council by downloading the following forms (except where exemptions under the Act apply):

For storm water connection works, please click on the following link.

Those who are proposing to work within the Council road reserve, are required to apply to Council by downloading the following forms (except where exemptions under the Act apply):

Alternatively, hard copies of the forms can be obtained by contacting Council's Customer Service team on 9840 9333.