Save Bulleen Park

Recreational facilities and open space at Bulleen Park will be severely impacted. We believe our community should have continual access to be able to play football, soccer, cricket, archery, aero-modelling and enjoy the walking trails, playgrounds, barbecues and picnic facilities.

The NEL Environment Effects Statement (EES) severely underestimates the impacts to recreational users and multiple sports clubs at Bulleen Park. It is unacceptable that there will be a permanent loss of multiple sports facilities, loss of Oval One and public open space and restrictions on access and parking.

We are advocating to keep our recreational spaces along the entire Yarra River frontage to the existing parkland and to retain the existing space for archers, aero-modellers, cyclists and walkers.

All sporting facilities that are displaced should be fully replaced with permanent, enhanced facilities at suitable sites within Manningham. During construction, all displaced sporting clubs must be re-accommodated so programmed activities can continue uninterrupted.

We are also concerned about the impacts to the culturally significant Bolin Bolin Billabong and the Bolin Bolin Integrated Water Harvesting Facility, completed in 2017. Any proposal to provide Boroondara Council with public land within Manningham is unacceptable, unjustified and disadvantages our residents.

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Save Bulleen Park

The needs of our community and surrounding environment must be considered, before, during and after construction.

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