Sleep Soundly

Unlock the secrets to a restful nights sleep during Doncare's 'Sleep Soundly' workshop.

Across the 4 sessions, learn:

  • What happens to our body and brain while we are asleep?
  • How can we have better quality sleep?
  • How many hours of sleep a night do we really need?
  • What are good sleep practices?
  • What is keeping me awake?
Tuesday 03 March 2020, 1.00 pm
Suite 4, Level 1, MC2, 687 Doncaster Road
Doncaster VIC 3108
$25 for four sessions
More Info

Program runs every Tuesday morning from 3 March to 24 March, 1.00pm to 2.30pm. 

For more information, please contact Doncare on 9856 1500 or

Getting there

By Car

Undercover parking available at MC Square

By Bus

Manningham Civic Centre bus stop:

Bus route 907 City to Mitcham via Doncaster Road

Bus route 902 Chelsea to Airport West

Bus route 295 Doncaster SC to The Pines SC via Templestowe