Manningham Matters promotes a wide range of our services to residents and the community, publicises upcoming Council events, community information and current Council programs and policies.

Manningham Matters submission criteria

Submissions are invited from community groups, schools, sporting clubs, neighbourhood groups and business associations.

Please note, inclusion is subject to meeting the criteria below and space availability within the magazine. All information will be selected and edited to suit the publication. Council does not guarantee the publication of submissions.

  • Only groups, activities and organisations whose activities occur within Manningham or have specific relevance to the residents and ratepayers of Manningham may be published.
  • Content suggestions should be no longer than 200 words and images should be more than 1MB in size and high resolution (300dpi).
  • The publication of any stories will be at the discretion of Council, and Council's decision is final.
  • Only groups, activities and organisations whose activities are deemed non-political will be published. Political activity is defined as including, but also extending beyond, the support of political parties or of those seeking political office. Supporting or opposing a change to the law or policy is regarded as a political purpose. Attempts to sway public opinion on controversial social issues may also be regarded as political. Therefore promotion of public meetings, lobby groups and other activities will not be accommodated in this magazine.
  • Only information, groups, activities and organisations that are non-discriminatory and legal will be published.
  • Stories that are deemed to be derogatory, defamatory or contain an incitement to violence or hatred will not be published.
  • Council expects that any information submitted is correct and truthful.
  • Council does not endorse any products, events or activities run by groups or organisations that have made submissions to Manningham Matters.

If you would like to make a submission