What is a Sustainability Management Plan?

A Sustainability Management Plan (SMP) provides more detail than a Sustainable Design Assessment. It sets out the sustainable design features of large developments and it provides more information about how the performance outcomes will be achieved (including implementation schedules).

When is a Sustainability Management Plan Required?

Manningham City Council requires the submission of an SMP for certain planning permit application types. Under Clause 22.12 (Environmentall Sustainable Development) of the Manningham Planning Scheme, an SMP will be required for the following development types:

  • Accommodation/mixed use with residential component of:
    - 10 or more dwellings; or
    - Development of a building for accommodation other than dwellings with a gross floor area of more than 1000 square metres.
  • Non-residential:
    - Development of a non-residential building with a gross floor area of more than 1000 square metres; or
    - Alterations and additions greater than 100 square metres.

How can I prepare a Sustainability Management Plan?

A Built Environment Sustainability Scorecard (BESS) report alone will not satisfy the planning application requirements for an SMP. The nature of larger developments provides the opportunity for increased environmental benefits and major resource savings. Hence, greater rigour in the investigation is justified.

Preparation of a Sustainability Management Plan will generally require the engagement of a sustainability consultant. It is also highly recommended that building design professional advice (e.g. architect, mechanical services) is integrated into the SMP at the early stages of its development.

Tools to prepare your plan
BESSA free, online sustainability assessment tool purpose-built for the planning application stage. It can assess single dwellings, multi-dwellings, non-residential and mixed use developments of any size.
STORMA free, online calculator for testing whether a site achieves best practice water quality objectives managed by Melbourne Water. 
MUSICA detailed stormwater modelling software that is available for purchase from eWater. 
INSITEAn online tool that has been developed and allows stormwater quality, alternate water, water efficiency and on site detention outcomes to be calculated in one integrated tool. It can be used free of charge for development applications within Manningham. 
Green Star Design & As Built Rating ToolSuitable for use by large developments.