Artwork: Set in Stone 2
Award: 2009 Valley of the Arts Award
Medium: ceramic, glaze and decals, 28 x 30 x 18cm

Manningham Art Collection. Image courtesy the artist.

"Long intrigued with the art of origami, this work reflects ceramic sculptures based on typical origami forms. The forms are then used as canvases in which current issues that we are facing in the world today are expressed. Whilst researching origami, the crane was used as a starting point. Although this form is one of the most commonly known origami folds in the world, it was the history behind the origami crane that made it the perfect subject matter. The crane is strong, graceful and beautiful, and is a symbol of loyalty and honor. Each year thousands of paper cranes are folded around the world as ways of promoting peace, making friends and also honoring those whose lives were destroyed in the bombing of Hiroshima. By using the ceramic medium, the forms are created and imitate the paper qualities of origami, whilst also giving the work a more permanent existence. From the sharp angular lines to the crisp paper folds, all elements of the paper crane are recreated to symbolise the precision and geometrical forms found in the art of origami. With the use of custom decals, the newspaper print further adds to the illusion of paper. Almost 60 years on we are still faced with the threat of nuclear attacks, with the rise of civil restlessness in the Middle East testifying to this. With reference to the Hiroshima bombing the work connects the past with the future reminding us that history has a way of repeating itself." - Tim Clarkson.