Adoption of Tunstall Square Structure Plan

On 31 March 2015 Council adopted the Tunstall Square Structure Plan.

The Structure Plan has been developed in consultation with residents, traders, property owners and other community stakeholders and will:

  • Provide direction for the future use and development of the Centre over the next 20 years, and
  • Guide investment for improvements to the Centre.

The key directions of the Structure Plan include:

Land Use and Activities

  • The opportunity to rezone land at 44-48 Tunstall Road to a commercial zone, to encourage mixed use development with an active commercial ground floor frontage
  • Encouraging increased residential development within the existing commercial centre to provide housing diversity and the extent the centre’s catchment
  • Encouraging evening trading and a more integrated approach to management of both sides of the centre.

Built Form

  • Encouraging the redevelopment of two key sites on Doncaster Road for mixed use development with a maximum height of 16 metres (4 to 5 storeys)
  • Encouraging shop top residential development to a maximum of 13.5 metres (4 storeys) with appropriate upper level setbacks.

Public Spaces

  • Creating a high quality public plaza by closing the one-way roadway off Beverley Street
  • Preparing and implementing a streetscape master plan to improve the appearance and landscaping within the business precinct
  • Improving way finding signage within the centre.

Access and Movement

  • Improving bicycle and pedestrian access to and from the centre, including creating a new pedestrian link from Monterey Crescent
  • Improving vehicle access to the centre, including traffic calming measures
  • Improving public transport services and facilities servicing the centre
  • Reviewing the short and long term parking provision within the centre.

Approved Documentation


For enquiries please contact Gabrielle O'Halloran, Economic and Environmental Planning Unit on 9840 9467 or email link)