map iconCorner of Websters and Blackburn roads, Templestowe (Melway ref. 34D2)

COVID-19 update: garden waste centre closed

Due to the evolving Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation, the Garden Waste centre is closed until further notice. The safety of our community is our top priority during this time. We will be providing a series of garden waste disposal days across several weekends and locations in Manningham. Further details have been provided below.

In Manningham, we are following advice from the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) about coronavirus (COVID-19) and encourage everyone to visit the DHHS website for the most up to date information.

Garden waste vouchers for Bushfire Prone Areas

Our garden waste centre is currently closed and garden waste vouchers are not available.

Visit the garden waste voucher page for information about alternate disposal options for residents who live in Manningham’s Bushfire Prone Areas.

Getting to our garden waste centre - currently closed

By car or truck

Entry is on Websters Road. Drive in and unload your garden waste or to pick up free mulch. No parking is available.

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How much does it cost to drop off your garden waste?

We accept cash only. 

2019/20 PricesResidentsNon residents 
and businesses
Car boot
Station wagon, ute or small van
Single trailer level - 6'x4'
Single trailer heaped - 6'x4'
Single trailer high sides - 6'x4'
Tandem trailer level
Tandem trailer heaped
Tandem trailer high sides
Loading fee$10$15

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What items can and cannot be dropped off?

Yes, we accept:

✔ Branches
✔ Tree prunings
✔ Logs (maximum 250mm diameter)
✔ Large garden cuttings

No, we don't accept:

✖ Soil
✖ Grass clippings
✖ Building material, bricks, steel or concrete
✖ Plastic bags
✖ Ivy, rose bushes or thorny material
✖ Bamboo leaves and stems
✖ Palm trees or branches
✖ Fence pailings

Can't find your item?

Check out our A-Z Waste and Recycling guide or contact us.

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View composting products available for purchase

Visit our centre to purchase composting products. View the range of composting products available.

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How to pick up free mulch

Bring your own trailer and tools to collect free mulch. The mulch has not been composted – therefore it is coarse and may contain noxious weeds.

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