Photo of people walking through Ruffey Lake Park path

Walking is one of Manningham's most popular recreation activities. Your age, pace, whether you're on your own or in a group, heading somewhere or nowhere in particular, doesn't matter. You can walk anywhere at any time.

  • It keeps you active
  • It's free
  • It's social
  • Other than a pair of shoes, no special equipment is required
  • It's sustainable commuting - You travel from one place to another without causing pollution
  • It's the best value form of exercise for the prevention (and cure) of many major health problems, including obesity, diabetes and cardio-vascular disease.

For more information, visit the Victoria Walks "WhyWalk" webpage.

Walking Groups

Walking groups in Manningham provide an opportunity for people of all ages to participate in regular exercise in a relaxed and social environment. There are many benefits from joining a walking group.
  • Social interaction with a group increases enjoyment
  • There is extra encouragement when walking in a group to participate in physical activity
  • You are more likely to commit to regular walking, knowing you are part of a group

View a list of walking groups in Manningham.