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Before our new Food Organics Garden Organics (FOGO) service starts in July 2023, all households in Manningham are set to receive a FOGO starter kit including kitchen caddy and a roll of 150 compostable liners. 

What is a FOGO kitchen caddy?

Image of FOGO kitchen caddy and compostable liners

A FOGO kitchen caddy is a small bin container with a handle designed to help you collect and carry out food scraps to your FOGO bin. 

Between March and May 2023, we will be delivering a FOGO kit including a kitchen caddy and a roll of 150 compostable liners to every household.

What are compostable liners?

Our compostable liners are Australian certified, made from corn starch and contain no plastic. Only lime green compostable liners with the certified symbol shown below are able to be placed in your green lid FOGO bin.

Do I need one?

You won't need a FOGO kitchen caddy to be able to use our FOGO service.

You can use any container to collect your food waste and carry it out to your FOGO bin. 

If you do not want to receive a FOGO kit from us, please complete our form below to cancel your delivery.

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