Waste Management in Multi-Unit Developments

Manningham Council has prepared guidelines to assist developers and designers in preparing Waste Management Plans for residential developments.

The multi-unit development guidelines aim to:

  • Provide developers with general information regarding waste collection for residential developments
  • Highlight the essential issues related to waste management that need to be considered when designing a residential development
  • Specify the unique requirements for particular types of development
  • Detail the minimum requirements in provision of waste management services which are functional, safe and sustainable.

The guidelines apply to residential developments and include the provision of services to:

  1. subdivisions
  2. single and/or double storey dwellings, either attached or no
  3. low rise residential developments of two to three storeys
  4. high rise residential developments of between four to seven storeys
  5. high rise residential developments with greater than seven storeys.

For more information, call Council's Waste Management Team on 9846 0579.