Waterwatch is a volunteer program where people take responsibility for monitoring the water quality of their local catchment. Locally, it is undertaken by The Manningham Waterwatch Monitoring Network, which is a coalition of community volunteers.

Since 2007, Waterwatch volunteers have carried out over 10,000 water quality measurements at more than 40 sites across the municipality. The data collected has been used to assess the health of Manningham's waterways and identify change that has been occurring (whether positive or negative) and to determine what is currently impacting stream ecology.

In addition to water quality monitoring, many volunteers are affiliated with local action groups including Landcare and catchment management groups and have undertaken stream rehabilitation programs which contribute to an improvement in catchment and waterway health.

Targets and Outputs

In 20013/14, 25 volunteers monitored 20 sites across Manningham's seven catchments. The Waterwatch data was sent to Council and the results are tabled in the Waterwatch Healthy Waterways Water Quality Report.

This report has been used to shape water policy, such as 'A Cleaner Yarra River and Port Phillip Bay Action Plan' 'Manningham Water Cycle Management Plan 2014' and 'Generation 2030'.

Successful Outcomes

The latest report has identified and continues to monitor significant levels of pollution in our waterways that originates as household waste water, especially the impact of untreated greywater or treated effluent discharged into our waterways.

Further successful outcomes have been;

  • Community engagement in resource management and waterway health. 
  • Long term monitoring and collection of water quality data of Manningham's waterways.

Looking Forward

Over the coming years Waterwatch volunteers will continue to monitor the health of our waterways. Monitoring results will be critical in the investigation and analyse of the impact of the sewer backlog program on the health of our catchments.

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