Westwood Reserve

Westwood Drive, Bulleen
Melway ref. 32 J11

Westwood Reserve has a been upgraded to include a playground in the reserve as part of the 2015/16 Open Space Development Program. Manningham’s Open Space Strategy 2014 recommends a variety of improvements and upgrades to public open space in Bulleen in response to changing housing types, an ageing population, as well as a new generation of young families moving into the area.

Highlights of the upgrade include:

  • Planting of canopy trees to provide shade
  • Low planting beds for colour, texture and nature play opportunities
  • A paved path to improve access for all abilities
  • Seating for resting and socialising in the reserve
  • A playspace, which will provide an engaging mixture of traditional play equipment, such as a play unit, swings and spinner, as well as nature based play opportunities
  • Landscaping, including rock river and timber logs for balancing
  • Improvements to the entrance, including new signage.

The playground complements other playspaces located nearby at Willow South Reserve, 350 metres away to the south and Timber Ridge, 650 metres away to the north-east.

Westwood Drive
Bulleen VIC 3105


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