As trying as our current experience of living in lockdown has been, it’s also enabled many of us to reconnect with our immediate family, to enjoy our homes, have long chats with friends over the phone or video call, play games, get into the garden, discover new films and television series, to cook and to read.

It’s also been a time to create and make. And artists across the world are producing work that will undoubtedly speak to and bear the marks of the unique historical moment that is the global COVID-19 pandemic.

To help document our community’s experiences of living through this crisis, we invited artists who live, work or play in Manningham to share the artworks they made under lockdown.

These artworks depict or interpret all that is mundane, boring and difficult about the lockdown, as well as all that is enjoyable about it, all that is quaint and novel and that we may only experience in this moment. They also speak to the COVID-19 crisis more directly, to the anxieties created by the pandemic, the things we’ve lost or may lose as a result of it, or it may speak to your hopes for the future post-crisis. All in all, they are a poignant reflection of a remarkable historical moment.

To submit your artwork to the project, please visit the When in Lockdown submission page

irma_koulouris_geraniums_are_underratedIrma Koulouris, Geraniums are Underrated, 2020, pencil, gouache, digital editing.
Tasmina Majles Confined by my own thoughts

Tasmina Majles, State of Mind, 2020, line drawings.

Claudio Cantelli Lockdown

Claudio Cantelli, Lockdown, 2020, pencil on paper.

Kate Collins Park

Kate Collins, Lonely Park, 2020, digital photograph.

Ned Hatch Heads Will Roll

Ned Hatch, Heads Will Roll, 2020, oil pastels on toilet paper, cotton stitching.

Aydreanne Wash Your Hands

Aydreanne, Wash Your Hands, 2020, clay, paint, glitter paint.

Alan Mak Changing Times

Alan Mak, Changing Times, 2020, biro, whiteout on paper.

Eliza Jung But I am one with the house and the house is with me

Eliza Jung, But I am one with the house and the house is with me, 2020, digital print.

Maria Papandony Corona Emotional Lockdown River Flow

Maria Papandony, Corona Emotional Lockdown River Flow, 2020, acrylic on canvas.

Jenny Wong Schnauzer

Jenny Wong, Schnauzer, 2020, watercolour on paper.

Myra Carter Return to CalmMyra Carter, Return to Calm, 2020, acrylic on canvas.
Corinne Young Billy Button DreamscapeCorinne Young, Billy Button Dreamscape, 2020, oil on board.
Lindy Yeates Shearwater Update, COVID-19 April 2020Lindy Yeates, Shearwater Update COVID-19, April 2020, hand coloured linocut and stencil.
Richard Young Mob GatheringRichard Young, The Mob Gathering, 2020, acrylic on canvas.
Isobel Goodman A Letter to My FriendIsobel Goodman, A Letter to My Friend, 2020, acrylic and pencil on paper.
Peta Tranquille Sunday Afternoon StrollPeta Tranquille, Sunday Afternoon Stroll, 2020, acrylic on wood panel.
Meredith Plain Iso CycleMeredith Plain, Iso Cycle, 2020, ceramic.
Darya Khatami Mashhadi HopeDarya Khatami Mashhadi, Hope, 2020, oil on canvas.


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