The general rates for 2019/2020 will be raised by a uniform rate, that is all properties pay the same rate in the dollar regardless of their use or type of property.

Individual property rates are levied by multiplying the Capital Improved Value (CIV) of each property by the rate in the dollar. For 2019/2020, Council has declared a rate in the dollar of $0.00173238.

The formula for calculating General Rates:

General Rates = Valuation x Rate in the dollar

For a property where the Capital Improved Value is $1,010,000 the calculations would be:

Capital Improved Value (average property) $1,010,000
General Rate Levy$0.00173238

$1,010,000 x $0.00173238 = $1,749.70

Other charges shown on your rates notice

In addition to the above General Rate Levy, your rates notice will also show: