Manningham enjoys a high level of health and wellbeing and is recognised as one of the healthiest municipalities in Victoria. It also takes pride in the many resources it offers the community which encourage people to be healthy, active and connected, including parks and open spaces, sports facilities, community clubs, paths and trails, cultural programs and a range of activities that support healthy living.

Manningham’s Healthy City Plan 2013 – 2017 recognises the municipality’s many strengths and has continued to build on these. Equally, the plan identifies a number of health and wellbeing concerns impacting the community today and into the future, which need to be addressed to continue the good health our community is accustomed to. This cannot be achieved by Council alone. For this reason, a collaborative and integrated planning approach has been undertaken identifying what State Government and regional services, together with Council and its local organisations, can do to address these challenges over the next four years. By working together we hope to create environments that will continue to support good health and wellbeing for years to come.

This population health plan has been informed by identifying our achievements and any gaps from the previous Municipal Public Health and Wellbeing Plan (MPHWP), examining the broader political context, conducting a municipal scan, undertaking extensive consultation and researching the needs of our community. The findings have been collated to identify five key strategic priorities which guided the establishment of a health and wellbeing statement along with realistic goals and actions which will influence the direction of work across Council and the community over the coming years. The whole plan is underpinned by an evaluation framework which will measure achievements, challenges and successes.

Strategic Priorities

Mental Wellbeing

In Manningham, Mental Health and Dementia have been identified as having a significant impact on the wellbeing of individuals and their families in Manningham, especially in youth and older adults. The statistics show that 20 per cent of the population have had a mental disorder in the last 12 months and there is an expected increase of 126 per cent in dementia rates in Manningham by 2030.

Goal: Using a collaborative approach, we will enhance the mental wellbeing of people within the community by encouraging social inclusion, participation, opportunities for education and work and access to services.

Healthy Living

In Manningham, obesity in men and children and chronic disease in people have been identified as having a significant impact on the wellbeing of individuals and their families in Manningham. The statistics show that 53.2 per cent of males and 37 per cent of females are overweight or obese, with males being less likely to eat healthy options or get active. In addition, heart disease, stroke and cancer are the greatest causes of ill health for residents.

Goal: Together we will support and encourage the community to participate in healthy living by improving access to information on healthy lifestyles, increasing health literacy, creating active places and spaces and delivering inclusive and accessible services and programs.


In Manningham, family violence for women and children and binge drinking for youth have been identified as having a significant health impact for individuals and their families in Manningham. The statistics show that per 1000 residents, 3.9 people experience incidents of family violence with 26% being in the age range of 35-44 and 37 per cent being over 45 years of age. In relation to drinking, 36.5 per cent of residents consume at a risky level with 53.3 per cent of 15-17 year olds having consumed alcohol in the last 30 days.

Goal: In partnership, we will foster a community that values respectful relationships, encourages gender equity and promotes safer cultures to reduce fear and incidence of family violence, binge drinking and crime rates.

Healthy City

Manningham brings together a unique combination of both cosmopolitan city and country lifestyles which is appreciated by many. To continue to enjoy our environment, Council plays an active role ensuring we plan our urban environments to meet the needs of our community while ensuring that we sustain and maintain our open spaces and parklands. For Manningham the challenges identified in the statistics were housing affordability with only 0.6 per cent of the rental market being considered affordable and the medium housing prices being $90,000 higher than Greater Melbourne, and the reliance on motor vehicles with no local rail network.

Goal: Together we will advocate for, create, build and enhance a well connected, well designed community that positively impacts on the health and wellbeing of the community and encourages healthy living.

Leading Change

Manningham is strongly committed to improving the health and wellbeing of our community. To achieve this, it takes a whole of community approach, strong leadership and collaboration across services and sectors. Research for this priority has shown that 67 per cent of the population are happy with Council’s overall performance with an opportunity to improve from the 58 per cent who are satisfied with the level of advocacy undertaken.

Goal: We strive for an innovative and responsive Council that actively advocates for its community, is accountable and evaluates its progress, actively seeks partnerships and builds the capacity of the community to create cultural change and to positively influence and impact on the outcomes achieved.

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