Pound Reserve

Bushland area
Dogs on lead

Pound Reserve was the site of Council’s animal pound until the 1960s. It is unreserved Crown Land and while Council is not the Committee of Management Council does undertake basic maintenance such as grass cutting, essentially as roadside maintenance. Cars informally park on the reserve in the summer as an overflow carpark from the tunnel carpark on the northern side of Everard Drive and the Pound Bend carpark.

The northern half of the reserve supports Yellow Box with a few Black Wattles (Acacia mearnsii) and Shiny Cassinia (Cassinia longifolia). There is less diversity in the ground storey and natural regeneration is occurring. The mature Yellow Box  in the southern half of the reserve attracts a range of bird life when they flower over summer, including the annual migration from Tasmania of the endangered Swift Parrot (Lathamus discolour). Parties of Swift Parrots have stayed in the area feeding on the trees for days at a time.