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Why do you need to get your pool or spa regularly certified?

New swimming pool and spa laws were introduced by the State Government in 2019 to enforce safety barrier standards and reduce the number of deaths by drowning among young children.

These laws require your private pool or spa to:

  1. Be registered with your local council
  2. Provide proof every four years that you're complying with existing safety barrier standards

You are responsible for ensuring your private pool or spa remains compliant at all times.

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What proof do you need to provide?

As a pool owner, you will need to get a registered practitioner (inspector) to inspect your registered pool or spa to confirm it is compliant every four years.

If your pool or spa is compliant, they will provide you with a Certificate of Compliance Form 23 which then needs to be lodged with us for record keeping within 30 days.

Find out who can inspect your pool or spa compliance on VBA's website

When do you need to submit the certificate?

Submit your certificates of compliance every four years.

  1. Check your pool or spa is already registered with us.

    When you register your pool or spa, you will receive a confirmation which includes the first due date to get your Certificate of Compliance Form 23.

  2. You'll receive an advice letter to remind you of your due date.

    Every four years, when your Certificate of Compliance Form 23 is due we will send you a letter with a due date.

  3. Get a registered inspector to assess your pool or spa and issue a certificate if compliant.
  4. Submit your Certificate of Compliance Form 23 within 30 days of it being issued and prior to the due date.

    The due date will be outlined in your advice letter. 

    Get a deeper understanding of dates on VBA's website

How much does it cost?

Contact your inspector how much they will charge to assess your pool or spa and issue the certificate.
We will only charge for the lodging of the certificate.

View our full list of fees.


How to lodge

Once you receive your certificate of compliance Form 23 from your inspector, you must:

  • be the owner,
  • lodge within 30 days and
  • prior to due date.

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What happens next?

After you lodge your certificate, you'll:

  • receive a letter confirming we lodged your certificate and
  • advising you of a new due date in 4 years.

Let us know if you are removing your pool or spa to no longer receive an advice letter.