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The following historical groups and societies actively seek to promote and preserve Manningham’s heritage.


Doncaster and Templestowe Historical Society

The Doncaster Templestowe Historical Society Inc, formed in 1967 maintains Schramm's Cottage museum complex located in Muriel Green Drive (off Victoria Street) Doncaster, a local history archive and promotes knowledge and understanding of the history of the local area.


Warrandyte Historical Society

The Warrandyte Historical Society, established 1976, is a small band of volunteers dedicated to preserving and displaying the history of Warrandyte. The Society maintains the Old Post Office Museum.

Reconciliation Manningham Group

Reconciliation Manningham is a small, committed group working to advance reconciliation through partnerships between Aboriginal people, Wurundjeri Tribe Land and Compensation Cultural Heritage Council, Manningham Council and the local community.

The group aims to preserve, protect and promote respect for, and pride in our Australian Aboriginal culture and heritage. They achieve this through offering a host of activities, programs, events and services that directly involve, support and include Aboriginal people.

Through Heritage Week, Reconciliation Week and other key times throughout the year, the group leads local Indigenous heritage walks and history presentations, and are also available to present indigenous history education within local schools. Fascinating information about local sites of significance and the process of reconciliation is presented on their website. New members are welcome.

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