Temporary fencing installed outside Templestowe Memorial Hall

25 Feb 2022
Liveable Places and Spaces
Templestowe Memorial Hall - barriers

You may have seen fencing around the Templestowe Memorial Hall in recent months. The Hall was damaged in 2021 when a vehicle accident damaged into the Hall. Works had been progressing to repair this damage.

Following the earthquake in September 2021 we inspected Council buildings for damage. Templestowe Memorial Hall’s external brick work was found to have several areas of concern which could lead to collapse of the wall.

“Templestowe Memorial Hall is a key community facility used by many organisations and groups in and around Templestowe” said Mayor Councillor Michelle Kleinert.

“Repairing this facility so it can be used is particularly important and something that can’t be rushed. Please bear with us as we bring this space back to life.”

As a valued and historical significant building we are working with engineer specialists to ensure the repairs consider the age and significance of the Hall.

After inspecting the site the specialists have recommended a Needle and Propping process. This involves propping the brickwork and repairing section of localised brickwork without having to remove the wall above.

Works are expected to be completed in late March and the Hall will be inspected regularly to ensure it still is safe and secure.