Find a local sports club

Manningham Council has more than 100 recreation and sporting clubs. Most of the sport clubs in Manningham offer both competitive and social sport options. 

Simply browse your sport or recreational activity of interest below to find out where you can play it.

Sports clubs in Manningham



Doncaster Aeromodellers Club

  • Located at Bulleen Park.
  • Accepts juniors and seniors age groups, all genders.


Yarra Bowman Archery Club

  • Located at Bulleen Park.
  • Accepts all age groups, all genders.


Doncaster Athletics Club

Doncaster Little Athletics Centre

Victorian Masters' Athletics Doncaster Venue


Doncaster Templestowe Badminton Association 

  • Located at Doncaster Primary School, Hummell Way, Doncaster.
  • Accepts all genders and ages.

Social Badminton Sessions


Doncaster Baseball Club


Bulleen Basketball Club (Bulleen Boomers)

Koonung Comets Basketball Club

  • Located at Doncaster Secondary College, Church Road, Doncaster.
  • Accepts juniors, all genders.

Park Orchards Basketball Club (Steelers)


Park Orchards BMX Club

Bocce and Petanque 


Doncaster Calisthenics Club

  • Located at Templestowe Baptist, 103-105 Anderson Creek Road, East Doncaster.
  • Accepts juniors and seniors, all genders

Donvale Calisthenics Club

  • Located at Ajani Centre.
  • Accepts juniors and seniors, all genders


Canoeing Victoria

  • Located at Westerfolds Park.

Canoe Ramp


Bullen Cricket Club

Bulleen Templestowe Cricket Club

Doncaster Cricket Club

Donvale Cricket Club

East Doncaster Cricket Club

Fitzroy Doncaster Cricket Club

Manningham Cricket Club

Park Orchards Cricket Club

St David's Cricket Club

South Warrandyte Cricket Club

  • Located at Colman Park.
  • Accepts juniors and seniors, all genders

Templestowe Cricket Club

Warrandyte Cricket Club

Wonga Park Cricket Club

Yarraleen Cricket Club

  • Located at Bulleen Park.
  • Accepts juniors and seniors, all genders


Manningham Bicycle Users Group

  • Accepts adults and young people, all genders

Disc Golf

Disc Golf Course

  • Located at Ruffey Lake Park
  • Free community facility
  • Hire disc's from Manningham library's for free using a library card

Football (Australian Rules)

Bulleen Cobras Football Club

Beverley Hills Junior Football Club

Bulleen Templestowe Amateur Football Club

Bulleen Templestowe District Junior Football Club

Doncaster Football Club

Doncaster Junior Football Club

Donvale Football Club

Donvale Magpies Football Club

East Doncaster Football Club

Park Orchards North Ringwood Parish Junior Football Club

Park Orchards Football Club

Templestowe Junior Football Club

Warrandyte Football Club

Warrandyte Junior Football Club

Yarra Junior Football League 

Yarra Old Grammarians Football Club

Girl Guides and Brownies

Warrandyte Brownies Girl Guides

  • Located at Warrandyte Uniting Church Hall.
  • Accepts girls aged 5-7 years

East Doncaster Girl Guides


Bulleen Templestowe Gymnastics Club

  • Located at Manningham DISC
  • Accepts children and adults, all ages and genders


Doncaster Hockey Club

Horse and Pony Clubs

Donvale and Templestowe Pony Club

Wyena Horse and Pony Club


Kei Shin Kan Karate Club

Lawn Bowls

Doncaster Bowling Club

Donvale Bowls Club

Templestowe Bowling Club

Greythorn Bowls Club

  • Located at 7 Gregory Court, Doncaster
  • Accepts all ages and genders 

Manningham Bowls Group

  • The Manningham Bowls Group represents all Bowls clubs in Manningham. The group has been created to promote the fun, safe and inclusive sport of lawn bowls to the Manningham community. 
  • Accepts all ages and genders 


Doncaster Netball Club

Donvale Netball Club

East Doncaster Netball Club

Warrandyte Netball Club

Park Orchards Netball Club

Doncaster and Districts Netball Association 

Wonga Park Netball Club


Pickleball Manningham

  • Located at DISC.
  • Accepts all ages and genders

Radio Control Cars

Templestowe Flat Track Racers


Manningham District Scouts

1st Templestowe Scout Group

3rd Templestowe Scout Group

1st Doncaster East Scout Group

3rd Doncaster East Scout Group

Templestowe Lower 1st Scout Group

Tende Beck

  • Located at Corner High Street & Doncaster Road
  • Accepts young people with special needs, all genders

Warrandyte Scout Group

Wonga Park Scout Group

  • Located at Corner Yarra Road and Dawes Road, Wonga Park.
  • Accepts all genders


Chinese Youth Society of Melbourne

Doncaster Rovers Soccer Club

FC Football Lions

  • Located at Veneto Club.
  • Accepts juniors and seniors, all genders

Macedon Blues United Football Club

Manningham Juventus Old Boys

  • Located at Park Reserve.
  • Accepts male seniors and male veterans

Manningham United Blues Football Club

Templestowe United Football Club

  • Located at Bulleen Park.
  • Accepts all genders, juniors and seniors

Wonga Park Wizards Junior Football Club


Panda's Softball Club

  • Accepts juniors and  seniors, all genders


Westerfolds Sports Centre

  • Located at 2 Swilk Street, Templestowe
  • Accepts juniors and seniors, all genders


Doncaster Templestowe Amateur Swimming Club

Doncaster Dolphins Swimming Club

Table Tennis

Manningham Table Tennis Club


Bulleen Tennis Club

Currawong Tennis Club

Doncaster Tennis Club

  • Located at 802 Doncaster Road, Doncaster
  • Accepts juniors and seniors, all genders

Donvale Tennis Club

Park Orchards Tennis Club

Serpell Tennis Club

Templestowe Park Tennis Club

Warrandyte Tennis Club

Wonga Park Tennis Club


Heart Foundation Walking Groups 

Heart Foundation walking aims to make regular physical activity enjoyable and easy, especially for people who are not used to be active.  Walking groups can be any size and walk at various times, distances, days and levels of difficulty. Join an already existing group, start your own or become a walking group leader.

Looking to join a walking group or want more information? Reach out to Manningham’s local walking coordinator Leanne de Vos from Access Health and Community on 9810 3000 for more information.

  • Warrandyte Walkers
  • Pines Pram Walkers
  • Love Walking Westfield
  • Weekly Walkers
  • The Pines Mall Walkers
  • The Pines Outdoor Walkers

Walking for Pleasure

  •  For all ages and genders
  • Tuesdays 9.30am – 11.30 am
  • Cost $3.00 per session.
  • Meet at Living and Learning at the Ajani centre

Wonga Walkers

Social Walking and Lunch Group

  • This group walks to new and interesting places and then enjoys lunch afterwards. Lunch is at own cost
  • All genders and ages
  • Meet at Park Orchards Community House & Learning Centre and car-pool to walk location
  • Thursdays (monthly) 9:30am to 1:30pm (approx.) 

Koonung Bush Walking Club

  • All ages, genders, fitness levels and abilities welcome
  • Events are held on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays