Parking regulations are state laws supervised by Council's traffic officers and are designed to maintain safety and turnover of parking spaces. The Victorian Government sets the penalty amounts.

Timed Parking

Time limits are set to allow as many people as possible to have access to parking in an area. This approach helps businesses by ensuring parking is available for as many potential customers as possible.

Vehicle Detection Technology

Vehicle Detection Technology is now in use in a number of activity centres within Manningham. Sensors have been installed in bays, which record the time a vehicle arrives. They are linked to digital equipment carried by parking officers, who are alerted when a vehicle has been in a parking bay beyond the time limit. If a longer stay is needed, there are many off-street car parks conveniently located with longer or no time restrictions. This technology replaces the ‘chalked tyre’ approach and will manage time-restricted street parking more accurately, consistently and efficiently.

Area Parking

Several residential areas surrounding major retail shopping centres and major transport hubs have Residential Permit Parking Areas. In these areas, residents with a residential parking permit are exempt from time limits 


Clearways are used to improve traffic flow during peak periods. A clearway is a length of road where vehicles must not stop for any reason during the times set out on the sign.

School Crossing

Most School Crossings have No Stopping Signs on both the approach and departure sides. These signs must be complied with during the times indicated. In areas where No Stopping Signs are not in place and when a 'Children Crossing' is in operation (when the flags are displayed), you must not stop or park:

  • Within 10 metres of the departure side of a crossing
  • Within 20 metres of the approach side of a crossing

You cannot stop in these areas at all while dropping or picking up children.

No Stopping

No Stopping means no stopping at all. Stopping to let someone out of or into a car regardless of whether you leave the engine running or stay in the vehicle is not allowed.  

No Parking

You can stop in a No Parking area for up to two minutes, provided that you are setting down or picking up a passenger or loading or unloading.  

Loading Zone

Loading zones can only be used by authorised vehicles while actually delivering or picking up goods, services or people. These vehicles include taxis, buses, trucks, vans, utes and other vehicles used for delivery who have permanent signs fixed to both sides of the vehicle. Magnetic signs are not permitted.

If there is no time limit on the Loading Zone sign, then 30 minutes is the maximum time that an authorised vehicle can park there.