Recreation Capital Works Funding

What the program hopes to achieve

The Recreation Capital Works Funding Program supports sporting facility infrastructure developments.

The aim of the program is to:

  • increase participation in organised sports
  • increase participation in active recreation
  • provide a transparent and equitable process for the development of our sporting facilities.

Projects the program funds

The program aims to provide funding for a range of projects, including but not limited to:

  • pavilion upgrades
  • sports field floodlighting
  • tennis court upgrades
  • synthetic surfaces
  • cricket nets
  • coaches boxes
  • spectator shelters
  • bin cages
  • storage buildings.

Contact us to apply for non-sport related infrastructure such as traffic bollards and car parks.


What type of applicants does the program support

We accept applications from groups that:

  • have a written agreement with us to use our sporting facilities
  • demonstrate the capacity to fund the required financial contribution, where applicable.

How to apply

  1. Before you start an application, read our Outdoor Sports Infrastructure Policy

    The Outdoor Sports Infrastructure Policy has information on the type and size of infrastructure provided for each sport. The policy also has information on the required financial contributions from user groups.

    Outdoor Sports Infrastructure Policy
    Outdoor Sports Infrastructure Policy
    469.95 KB
  2. Contact us to discuss your project

    Before submitting an application, contact our Recreation Liaison Officer on 9840 9333 to discuss your project. We’ll give feedback on the project proposal and will advise you on whether we’ll permit submission of the project.

    We won’t assess your application if you haven’t had a discussion with our Recreation Liaison Officer.

  3. Prepare supporting information to include with your application

    Before submitting an application, include the following information:

    • how your project will increase participation
    • how your project will increase participation opportunities in unstructured recreation such as walking or jogging
    • the risk your project poses if it's not completed
    • will your project incorporate environmental sustainable design principles such as water retention, waste reduction and energy savings
    • financial information including, total project amount and any grants that you’ll obtain to help fund the project, and the contributions your organisation will make.
  4. Submit your application

    Submit an application by completing the Recreation Capital Works Funding Program Application Form. We accept applications all year round and make an assessment two times per year.

    Apply now

    Support is available to community groups who require more assistance with their application and advice on how to apply online.

What happens after we receive an application

We’ll assess applicants every February and August. You should also be aware that:

  • we’ll contact applicants to let them know of the outcome of their submissions
  • there’s no guarantee of funding for submissions
  • we’ll make an assessment against a predetermined criteria.


To find out more about the program

For more information, contact us.

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