Find your missing pet

Contact us to report a missing pet

If you have found a lost animal or your pet is missing, contact us so we can help reunite them with their owner.

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Lost a pet?

If your pet was wearing its registration tag or is microchipped when it became lost, we will try to contact you if we find it.

  1. Check our lost pets database

    Check our lost pets database to see if we have found your friend.

  2. Contact us

    Let us know your pet is missing. We will help reunite you.

    Contact us

  3. Contact local vets and animal shelters
    • Local vets: people often take a lost animal to the vet, even if they are not injured.
    • Animal shelters: your pet may have wandered a long way or have been driven to another shelter outside of Manningham.

Lost pets database

Have you lost your pet?

Check our lost pets database. If you believe your pet is on the list, contact us.

Are your pet's details still correct?

It is important to update your microchip details with your pet registry as well as your pet registration with Council. This helps you find your pet quickly if they are lost.

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Found a pet?

If you find someone else's pet:

  1. Secure the animal

    Always be cautious when approaching strange animals. If the animal appears friendly, secure them to keep them safe from traffic or other dangers.

  2. Note down the number on the registration tag if you are able.

    The registration tag is attached to the pet's collar.

  3. Contact us

    Let us know you have found a lost pet. We will attempt to locate the owner.

    Contact us

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