Voting in an election

To vote in the upcoming Manningham Council election, you must be enrolled by 4.00pm on Wednesday 7 August 2024.  


Voting process

Voting in council elections is by post

You’ll receive a ballot pack that contains ballot papers by mail. The packs will have instructions and information about the candidates. Don’t worry if you don’t receive a ballot pack at the same time as someone you live with. They’re posted in random order to enrolled voters.

Return your ballot paper by mail.

What to do if you’ve changed your address

If you’ve changed address after the close of the roll or can’t collect your ballot pack, you can request a redirect to your new address. To request a redirect, make sure it’s done before nominations have closed. You can make a request for an early postal vote after nominations have closed if you have a good reason.

In what order do the names of the candidates appear?

A single, random draw determines in which order names will appear on a ballot. The election manager conducts the draw at the election officer after the close of nominations. The election manager will tell the candidates the time of the draw.


How to vote in other languages

The Victorian Electoral Commission provides voting information in languages other than English and in Easy English. Choose one of the links below.

How to check your enrolment status

You can apply, check and update your enrolment details online at Victorian Electoral Commission or pick up an enrolment form at any post office or AEC office.

Enrolling to vote

In a council election there are two types of voters:

  • state-enrolled voters 
  • council-enrolled voters. 

State enrolled voters

Read the following information to find out which group you fit into.

Manningham resident on the state electoral roll

If you live in Manningham and are enrolled to vote in State elections, you will be automatically enrolled to vote in Council elections. 

Manningham resident not on the state electoral roll

If you are not yet on the State electoral roll, you will need to enrol with the Victorian Electoral Commission. This applies to Manningham residents who are Australian citizens aged 18 or older on 26 October 2024.

Manningham resident on the state electoral roll at a previous address

If you are living in Manningham but are on the state electoral roll for a previous address outside Manningham, you will need to enrol directly with the Victorian Electoral Commission. This applies if you have lived at your current residential address for at least one month and have not updated your enrolment details, including any changes to your postal address. 

For further information, or to update your enrolment details, visit Check my Victorian enrolment details.  

Voting in council elections is compulsory if you’re on the state electoral roll. 


Council enrolled voters

You may be eligible to vote in Manningham’s elections even if you aren’t automatically enrolled.  The Local Government Act 2020 includes a number of voting entitlements that may apply, provided you are not automatically enrolled as outlined above.  

You may be eligible to apply directly to Council to be included on the voters’ roll if you are aged 18 years or over on 26 October 2024 and fit into one of the following groups.

Owner ratepayer

You own and pay rates for a property in Manningham. This includes non-Australian citizens and owners who do not occupy the property.

Occupier ratepayer

You occupy a rateable property in Manningham and you are liable to pay the rates.


You are either a director or secretary of a corporation which pays rates in Manningham. You consent in writing to be appointed and are not already enrolled through appointment by another corporation.

Apply online

If you meet the above criteria for a Council enrolled voter, you can apply to enrol online.

Apply now

If you require further information, or to request a hard copy form, contact our Governance Team on 9840 9333.

Voting is compulsory if you’re on a council electoral roll.

Enrol to vote in Federal elections

To find out about options available to help you cast your vote at the next federal election, visit the Australian Electoral Commission website.

Enrolment limits

You can only enrol to vote once per council, regardless of whether you are a resident, ratepayer or corporation representative. You must be 18 years or older on election day to be enrolled.

A property can have any number of State residents enrolled at a single address. A property can also have up to two joint owner ratepayers and up to two joint occupier ratepayers enrolled in respect of each property by council. In practice this means a property could have up to four council electors in addition to any number of State residents.

A corporation may only exercise the right of entitlement once in any municipal district, regardless of how many properties it owns or occupies or jointly owns or occupies in the municipal district. A corporation may only appoint one representative to enrol for this property.


More information

For more information on voting in council elections, visit the Victorian Electoral Commission or one of the following links:

•    VEC – How voting works
•    Know Your Council – Voting in an Election

If you would like to speak with someone about your Council enrolment, contact us.