Parks improvement program

Did you know that Manningham is one of the leafiest areas of metropolitan Melbourne with more than 656 hectares of Council-managed parks and reserves?

With more than 50km of shared trails, 300 individual parks and reserves, 159 play spaces, numerous picnic areas and walking paths to manage, our Parks Improvement Program sets out a plan for the future upgrades of all our parks over the next 20 years.

We are guided by our Open Space Strategy, the Eastern Region Sport, Recreation and Trail Strategy, specific park masterplans, community requests and planned facility renewal programs.

Our Parks Improvement Program identifies opportunities for improvements and ensures our parks and reserves are well maintained and upgraded as our population grows.


What is the Parks Improvement Program?

The Parks Improvement Programs sets out a plan for the future renewal and upgrade of all parks in Manningham over the next 20 years.


How was this program developed?

The Parks Improvement Program is based on recommendations from our Open Space Strategy, Eastern Region Sport, Recreation and Trails Strategy, specific masterplans for our parks, feedback and requests from our community and planned facility renewal programs.


What are the objectives of this plan?

This program will ensure our parks and reserves remain relevant and accessible to everyone into the future. It will make sure that facilities are in good condition and adapt to changing needs.


How is the schedule of renewal and upgrade determined?

For most park facilities like playspaces, furniture, paths and garden beds they need to be renewed every 20-25 years to ensure they are in a good and safe condition. Other factors are the level of use, i.e. Regional parks and playspaces get much higher use and wear out more quickly; the population growth in that neighbourhood; and demand for new facilities like fitness equipment, lighting and trails.


Does the program factor in new parks in the future?

Yes a number of new parks or expansion of existing ones has been determined in the Open Space Strategy to cater for gaps in provision, links to other parks or where there is higher density living occurring. These sites will gradually be acquired and developed as they become available.

Current park and playspace upgrades

Cat Jump Park, Doncaster East basketball, hit up wall playground

The initiatives proposed in the Master Plan will improve the passive recreation opportunities provided in the park. These improvements will be delivered over multiple financial years. The upgrade of the playspace, an upgrade of the multipurpose activity court and the fitness hub will be the first improvements to take place in the 2022/23 financial year.

Skating bowl at Swanston Reserve

We’re upgrading Bulleen skatepark at Swanston Reserve this year, as part of the Swanston Reserve Masterplan.

As part of our Parks Improvement Program, we're upgrading the playspace and installing a brand-new outdoor fitness hub at Donvale Reserve.

The upgrade will include a variety of new and exciting features, including a new playground, offering a range of multi-age play equipment for children of all ages, a picnic table under a shelter, providing shade for families to relax and enjoy meals, an integrated sports court, an improved path link, allowing easy access to the playspace and sport court.


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