How rates are calculated

Rates are our primary means of raising revenue to pay for all the services we provide. Rate payments are your investment in services and infrastructure for the Manningham community.

We then divide this amount by the total value of the properties within our municipality. This amount changes every year.


General Rates

The formula for calculating your General Rates is:

Capital Improved Value x Rate in the dollar = General Rates


For a property where the Capital Improved Value is $1,041,271 the calculations would be:

Capital Improved Value


Rate in the dollar



$1,041,271 x $0.00171312 = $1,783.80

If you own property in another area and wonder why some rates are more or less than others, this is because each council has different budgetary requirements for:

  • capital works
  • proposed works
  • ongoing costs to maintain services in the local government area.


Other charges on your rates notice

In addition to the to your general rates levy, your rates notice will also include a:


What is rate capping?

The State Government has capped rate increases at 1.5 per cent for 2021/2022 and we have elected to apply this 1.5 per cent increase rather than seek an exemption from the cap.

It is important to remember that the cap of 1.5 per cent applies to the overall rate revenue raised by the council and not each individual property. Most properties will experience rate increases that are slightly higher or lower than 1.5 per cent. If your Valuation has either increased or decreased more than the average, it is likely you will see a rate increase lower or higher than 1.5 per cent.