Pets and animals

We love our furry friends. Find out what you need to do or know to be a responsible pet and animal owner in Manningham.

Pet registrations and permits
  • You will need to microchip your pet and register them with us. Registering your pet lets you reunite with them if they ever get lost.

  • If you are new to Manningham, make sure to register your pet with us. This will make sure they are safe at all times.

  • There are limits to how many pets or livestock you can keep on your property. It also needs to meet size requirements for you to keep livestock.

find missing pet

Find your missing pet

View our lost pets database via the Manningham Pound or report a missing pet

barking dog

Report a barking dog

Find out what to do if a barking dog is being disruptive to the community.

native bird

Protecting native animals and insects

We celebrate all forms of life big and small in our community, learn about the most common creatures and our guidance around them.

Find suitable parks, reserves and trails

Check out all parks suitable for dogs to run free or dogs to remain on their lead. 

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