New animal management plan adopted

25 May 2022
Well Governed Council
A German Shepherd and a light brown tabby cat sit side by side on a grey couch

We have adopted a new plan for the management of domestic animals in Manningham.

The plan incorporates feedback from the community concerning the protection of cat and dog welfare. It also seeks to improve the amenity and safety of our community.

Key priorities of the plan that address issues and suggestions identified by the community included in the plan include:

  • Dogs off lead/not under owner control.
  • Dog waste.
  • Dogs barking.
  • Wandering cats.

The plan will include a trial of a cat confinement program. Cat owners will be required to keep their cat/s within their property boundaries 24 hours each day.

The trial cat confinement program will provide benefits to cats, cat owners and the community.

Benefits include:

  • Protecting cats from the risk of injury from other animals, people and vehicles.
  • Reducing disputes between neighbours caused by wandering cats.
  • Protecting our wildlife from attacks and damage by cats. Manningham’s unique natural environment provides a sanctuary to 56 threatened animal species.

Manningham Mayor, Cr Michelle Kleinert said that pets are a valued part of life for many people in the community.

"There are over 13,000 registered pet dogs and cats in Manningham. This plan focuses on responsible pet ownership and will help to keep pets in our community happier and healthier.”

All Councils across Victoria need to develop a Domestic Animal Management Plan every four years. This is a requirement under the Domestic Animals Act 1994.

Download the DAMP

Domestic Animal Management Plan 2022-25
Domestic Animal Management Plan 2022-25
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