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How to report noise

Read the information below before you report.

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Many noise issues can be resolved by speaking to the person or business creating the noise. Often the person making the noise isn’t aware that they’re causing a problem and will fix the situation.

If the noise continues to be an issue, you can report it to us.

Check what type of noise you can report and where you can report it. If unsure, contact us.

The Environment Protection Act 2017 restricts noise from residences, animals and vehicles.

Find out what the prohibited times are.


Types of noise reports

  • residential noise
  • barking dogs
  • roadworks
  • construction
  • business  and commercial

How to report an issue

  1. Prepare the following information before you report:
    • The location of the issue
    • The date and time of when the issue occurred
    • Historic details leading up to you reporting this issue
    • Your contact details if you'd like an update. Or, you can remain anonymous.
    • Other details that will assist us with your specific issue. For example, a log of how often the noise occurs.
  2. You can make a report online, in person or over the phone.

What happens after you have reported an issue?

  • We will provide you with a reference number for your report.
  • We will assess the issue and take appropriate action.

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