Social media guidelines

Manningham Council uses social media to engage and keep the community up to date with the latest news and upcoming events in Manningham. We welcome and encourage your feedback and look forward to your comments, stories and experiences.



Content posted on Manningham City Council’s social media accounts are monitored during business hours of 8.00 am to 5.00 pm, Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays). We aim to respond to general posts within 24 hours and within two days for more complex issues. If posts relate to personal or complex issues, we will request to continue communicating offline with the person making the post. If you have an urgent enquiry, please call Council on 9840 9333.


Moderation and Etiquette

To ensure that Manningham Council’s social media accounts are useful and engaging tools for residents, please respect these guidelines:


  • Give us your feedback, stories, opinions and experiences
  • Stay on topic
  • Remember that social media is a public forum, and comments are searchable
  • Treat others with respect whether they are an individual or an organisation
  • Read relevant material before posting
  • Send a personal message to Manningham Council if you wish to advise us of yours or others personal information.


By using this page you agree to not post any of the following:

  • Comments that are vulgar, obscene, hurtful, abusive, threatening or contain indecent language or images
  • Comments that promotes or fosters discrimination on the basis of race, gender, religion, age, nationality, sexuality or disability
  • Comments that violate another individual’s privacy, or breaches copyright laws
  • Comments that are considered spam with repeated posts. Please allow equal opportunity for the community to engage on the Council Facebook page
  • Comments that are overtly political
  • Comments that are defamatory. It is acceptable to voice legitimate concerns or grievances, but unacceptable to badmouth or engage in abuse of a person or service
  • Material that advocates or discusses illegal activity, with the intent to commit them
  • Comments that are a direct advertisement for a business or commercial operation
  • Post your or others personal details as a public post.

Posts which ignore these guidelines will be removed and continual breaches will be reported. Please note that the comments expressed by the public on this site do not reflect the opinions and position of Manningham Council or its staff and Councillors. If you are unhappy about anything which you see anywhere on our site, contact us.