Apply for a footpath trading permit

Footpath trading is an essential part of our retail experience and can include:

  • outdoor dining with tables and chairs
  • placement of goods for sale and display
  • display of A-frame advertising boards.

Although we encourage footpath trading in Manningham, there’s a few things that you need to know.

When do you need a permit to use the footpath

If you’re going to place the following on the footpath, you’ll need a permit:

  • moveable advertising signs
  • goods
  • street furniture.

Street furniture can include:

  • tables and chairs
  • barriers
  • umbrellas
  • planter boxes
  • heaters.

Outdoor dining in Manningham

Funding for outdoor dining, use of tables and chairs on footpaths is from the Local Councils Outdoor Eating and Entertainment Package (LGA stream). Any approvals for permits will have fees waived.

There’s still fees for the display of goods or A-frame signs. You’ll receive an invoice before the issuing of a permit.

Keeping pedestrians safe

We have a duty to make sure pedestrians are safe. That’s why traders need to maintain minimum distance of clear footpath from the property line.

You can’t place objects such as moveable advertising signs, goods and street furniture against the property line or shop front.

These rules allow people using the footpath to walk through the area safely.

We’re supporting local businesses

If your business is experiencing genuine financial hardship as a result of COVID-19, you can apply for a further reduction with your permit fees. Please complete the financial hardship relief form and we’ll make an assessment with your permit application.

We’ve also launched our community relief package that supports businesses that includes:

  • reducing the costs of permits
  • having dedicated business liaison officers to help
  • free business mentoring and development programs.

You can find additional resources in our COVID-19 Support for your business page.

Apply for a footpath trading permit

You can apply for a footpath trading permit.

Apply for a footpath trading permit online

You can also download a footpath trading permit application form. Please send your application and supporting documents to



  • Footpath Trading Application Form
    Footpath Trading Application Form
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  • Footpath Trading Guidelines
    Footpath Trading Guidelines
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