Carers Saturday cuppa and chat is a chance for all carers caring for people with disability, illness, mental health issues and/or ageing to reconnect and find support over a free cuppa at the Deck Cafe at Aquarena.

The session will be facilitated by Dr Nakisa Malakooti.  Dr Malakooti is a carer and a neuroscientist and has lived at Manningham for the last 27 years. She is a strong advocate for carers, disability, mental health and dementia patients.

Getting There

By car

Aquarena has a large car park with all day, four hour and two hour options.

A taxi drop-off and pickup area is available at the front entrance on the ground floor.

By bus

Aquarena is accessible via the following bus routes:

  • 279 to Doncaster and Box Hill
  • 293 to Box Hill and Greensborough
  • 902 to Chelsea and Airport West