City Nature Challenge: Greater Melbourne

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Take part in one of the biggest Citizen Science projects in the world while at the same time contributing valuable information about Manningham’s amazing biodiversity.

About the City Nature Challenge

The City Nature Challenge runs from Friday 26 April to Monday 29 April 2024.

In this worldwide BioBlitz, cities compete to make the most observations of the most species by the most people.

Manningham is collaborating with over 25 local governments to form the Greater Melbourne project.

How to participate

It is free, easy, and fun to get involved.

During the 4-day window of this challenge, take photos of plants or animals and upload it to iNaturalist.

Your observations will be added to the Manningham iNaturalist projects (Manningham East or Manningham West) so that we can compete with participants from across Melbourne and all over the world. 

All data gets added to Australia’s database of plants and animals, helping scientists with their research to improve outcomes for our environment.

To prepare for the challenge:

  1. Install the iNaturalist app on your mobile phone and create an iNaturalist account
  2. Join the Melbourne City Nature Challenge 2023: Greater Melbourne Project  
  3. Start adding your observations.

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