Curio: Window Space

Photograph of a display in Manningham Art Gallery's Curio window space featuring amorphous ceramic items in the foreground and silk prints in the background.

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687 Doncaster Road
VIC 3058

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Arts Manningham

On in Manningham Art Gallery's Curio display window, this small exhibition of works by Anni Hagberg and Rhys Cousins extends the artists' recent exhibitions in the gallery, exploring and playing with materials in innovative and exciting ways.

The display pairs silk prints of finely detailed photographs of non-descript textures by Cousins with a collection of amorphous ceramic and mixed media objects created through experimental firings by Hagberg.

Together, the items speak to the artists' shared interest in everyday, discarded or otherwise forgotten materials and surfaces of modern urban environments and how they interact in myriad ways.

Curio is accessible at the south-eastern corner of Manningham City Square (MC Square), 687 Doncaster Road, Doncaster VIC 3108.