Digital Accelerator Program - unleashing the Power of AI

Event details

1/699 Doncaster Road
VIC 3108


The Digital Accelerator Program is offering this free hands-on workshop to local Manningham-based businesses. 

Unleashing the power of AI tools: to streamline, optimise and succeed! 

Learn which AI tools are available to you and will help you market your small business. We will look at how they can help, things to be aware of and provide you with lots of ideas on how you can use AI tools for your small business to do more, do better or both! We will cover:

  • the state of AI currently
  • the range of AI tools available and how they can help you as a small business owner
  • tips and tricks to get the most out of the tools and how to assess and test them for your business
  • the skills you need to make the most of using AI in your small business marketing program.

Bonus: We will also provide a range of additional resources and help, including templates and cheat sheets. Plus, a bonus a follow up question and answer troubleshooting session if you have questions as you work to create an action plan for your business.

About the speaker

Kirri Romero, Director and Chief Digital Strategist, The Online Fix

Kirri Romero is the lead digital strategist and principal consultant at the Online Fix, a strategy, mentoring and upskilling digital consultancy. Kirri has over 20 years of experience working in all facets of online, creating successful online experiences working in a variety of industries, from finance to education, food, fashion and health industries. She is a top-rated mentor and training facilitator for the Digital Solutions program, Business Resilience Program and Partners in Wellbeing program. Kirri has her own mentoring client book, she helps hundreds of businesses each year with their digital marketing strategy and tactical help to take action on their marketing.

Her foundational knowledge was gained during the formative years of growing the digital presence of Australian Super to what you see today and continues now with her own multi-channel marketing consultancy servicing a range of clients. As a result, her strategy and solutions work are grounded in up to the minute practical experience gained from operating the field.

The digital know how gained from years of working online and her in-depth understanding of the online environment has made her adept at adapting to the unfolding trends of digital while being able to quickly show her clients how to take advantage of the ever-changing environment.