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The Sustainable Gardening Australia, Edible Gardening Seminar Series is a complete home gardening program that will teach you how to grow your own delicious fresh, healthy, and nutritious food at home.

Growing your own food can be not only rewarding and enjoyable but can also save you money as well.

Each seminar will cover a different aspect of growing organic food including soil preparation, pest and diseases and selecting what fruits and vegetables are right for your garden. 


Edible gardening topics

  • Tuesday 11 October: Getting Started with Veggie Gardening
    The first step is to want to grow organically, but where do you start? This workshop will set you up to start your veggie gardening journey so you can enjoy the benefits of growing your own fresh, healthy, and nutritious food.
  • Tuesday 18 October: Healthy Soil for Produce Gardening
    Healthy soil is full of life and fundamental to the health of our gardens, providing plants with all the nutrients and water they need to grow. Good soil is essential for growing produce.
  • Tuesday 8 November: Dealing with Garden Pests without Harsh Chemicals - CANCELLED
    Garden pests can be managed using nature and its resources to strengthen the balance within your garden, avoiding unnecessary chemical use.
  • Tuesday 15 November: Composting and Worm Farming
    Using compost, worms, bokashi or chooks to turn kitchen and garden waste into black gold for your garden.
  • Tuesday 22 November: Preparing for Summer Harvest
    Everything you need to know to grow fresh produce at home this summer.


Food and gardening swap

Bring along your home-grown foods, seedlings, and other gardening items to share with someone else. The home-grown food and seed swap takes place 20 minutes prior to the start of the seminar. So don't forget to bring your own treats to share.  

This program is part of the wider Spring Outdoors Sustainable Gardening Australia Seminar Series. This series includes seminars and webinars at Nillumbik and Banyule councils.

For a full list of events in this series, download the Spring Outdoors Sustainable Gardening Australia brochure, or visit Spring Outdoors.

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Sustainable Gardening Australia Seminar Series brochure
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