Electrify Everything - Electric vehicles

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Electric Vehicles (EVs) have come a long way in a very short time. The transition to EV's is speeding up like the world of renewable energy. 

Is it time to make the switch? 

If you’re considering an EV, join this free webinar where we will examine the rapid changes and evolution of the EV car industry.

The information session will help you understand:

  • distances that Australians usually travel and how the perceived barrier to EVs is dissolving
  • charging systems, charging times and expanding infrastructure
  • battery technologies - innovation is driving higher capacity, less weight, longer life spans, better safety and end of life recycling
  • the cost to travel using electricity as a fuel and the impact of a growing electric fleet for our electricity grid
  • the various models that are available now, and the many more that will arrive with policy changes and surging demand.

Is it time for you to make the switch to a lean, clean transport machine?

Your feedback is important to us

We’re running a survey to explore the current demand to have 100 per cent green powered electric vehicle chargers installed around the municipality. Share your views by 17 July.

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