Garden Waste Disposal Days

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Corner Springvale Road and Reynolds Road
VIC 3111


Disposal days will not proceed on a Total Fire Ban day or a day of Extreme or above Fire Danger Rating.

To help you remove garden waste to prepare for bushfire season, you can drop off either one car boot, station wagon, ute or a 6‘x4’ level trailer load of garden waste on certain dates throughout the year.


Who can use this service?

You need to live in a Bushfire Prone Area to use this service. We will ask you to show proof of residency (either a driver's licence or rates notice) at the check-in point on the day. If someone else drops off the garden waste for you, make sure you provide them with your proof. 


Not sure if you live in a Bushfire Prone Area?

View our Bushfire Prone Area map to check or contact us.

Bushfire Prone Area
Bushfire Prone Area
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If you are not eligible for this service or have excess garden waste to dispose, you can:

Need help? Contact us


What items can and cannot be dropped off?

Yes, we accept:

✔ Branches
✔ Tree prunings
✔ Logs (maximum 250mm diameter)
✔ Large garden cuttings

No, we don't accept:

✖ Soil
✖ Grass clippings
✖ Building material, bricks, steel or concrete
✖ Plastic bags
✖ Ivy, rose bushes or thorny material
✖ Bamboo leaves and stems
✖ Palm trees or branches
✖ Fence palings



How much can you drop off?

You can drop off either one car boot, station wagon, ute or a 6’x4’ level trailer load of garden waste for free. There is a charge for any extra garden waste – see costs below.

Garden waste load type



Car boot



Station wagon or ute



Single trailer level – 6’x4’



Single trailer heaped – 6’x4’ (up to 1.1m3)


+ $30

Single trailer high sides – 6’x4’ (up to 2m3)


+ $50

Tandem trailer level (up to 1.25m3)


+ $30

Tandem trailer heaped (up to 2m3)


+ $50

Tandem trailer high sides (up to 3.65m3)


+ $90


How to pay

You can only pay by EFT on the day.


How to book

Due to high demand of this service, you can only book one timeslot per household each month. Bookings are essential.


Choose a date from the list below, select your preferred 30 minute timeslot and click ‘Register’ to finalise your booking. We will continue adding timeslots for future months throughout the year - so keep checking back for more options.