Get bushfire resilient - Getting ready for an El Niño summer

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An El Niño summer is coming. Recent rainfall has supercharged fuel loads. Dry conditions will increase fire risks next summer, especially grass fires.

In this webinar, the panel will discuss the upcoming El Niño season. Get practical, best practice information about preparing and managing your property with this in mind. 

Presenters include:

  • Craig Lapsley, Innovation Pro Pty Ltd
  • Parvathi Subramaniam, The University of Sydney
  • Danielle Clode, Flinders University

You will have the opportunity to ask questions before or during the webinar.

About the Get Bushfire Resilient webinar series

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Bushfire Resilience Inc. is an independent community-led organisation. We provide carefully developed webinars that provide information about bushfire preparedness. Our webinar topics are practical, helpful and relevant.