Mind Calm - Guided meditation and mindfulness

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Event details

Doncare Offices
Suite 4, Level 1, 687 Doncaster Road, Doncaster
VIC 3108

$55 for 4 sessions
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Explore a range of mindfulness and meditation techniques at Doncare's Mind Calm series. 

Mind Calm will be facilitated by group therapists and is suitable for those who are new to meditation and people who wish to explore or extend their current practice.

Over four sessions, participants will learn:

  • what mind stilling methods work for you
  • experience mindfulness
  • learn breathing techniques
  • practice different types of meditation.

Getting there

Located on Doncaster Road between Westfield and the Manningham Council Civic Centre, MC2 is conveniently accessible by public transport.

There are ample parking spaces on site including 4-hour parking underneath the building.  Access to level 1 via the lift or via stairs in the front foyer.