Warrandyte Pure Gold Exhibition

Panning for Gold Warrandyte

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Warrandyte Historical Society Museum, 111 Yarra Street, Warrandyte
VIC 3113

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Warrandyte Historical Society
The Historical Society Museum is open from 1:30 pm to 4:30 pm on Sundays.

The Warrandyte Historical Society invite you to come and learn about the discovery of gold in Warrandyte and how it shaped the township and community.

Warrandyte is justifiably proud of its place in the gold history of Victoria. Gold was first discovered at Anderson's Creek in June 1851. It was the first officially published goldfield, named the 'Victoria Field', in honour of the new Colony. It was also the first place in the Colony to issue gold mining licences.

This exhibit celebrates the 170th anniversary of the first discovery by Louis John Michel and his team. You'll find interesting and colourful banners on display inside and outside the Museum, showcasing
 the discovery of gold and how this has shaped the township and community. They share the lure of gold and excitement around the discovery that continues today. 

You can visit to see the outside banners placed on the fence-line of the Museum at any time during the Heritage Festival. To access the banners inside the Museum, please see the exhibition times.

This exhibition is open from 18 April to 22 May 2022.
The indoor exhibition inside the Museum, is open on Sundays, from 1:30 pm to 4:30 pm.

There is both on-street parking, and off-road car parks available on Yarra Street.

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