How to volunteer for your community

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Let us know if you want to volunteer for any of our Council volunteer programs.

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There are two ways you can find local volunteering opportunities in our community:


Volunteer through Eastern Volunteers

We have partnered with Eastern Volunteers, a local organisation that:

  • help volunteers to find local volunteer opportunities
  • encourage organisations to provide more volunteering opportunities
  • facilitate workshops to help volunteers and organisations get the most out of volunteering

Find volunteering opportunities with Eastern Volunteers


Volunteer through our Council programs


Community volunteering opportunities

Volunteer Mentor Driver (L2P Program)

Help a learner driver today by assisting with their mandatory 120 hours of driving practice. This will help them get their licence. The program will provide vehicles. Learn more about the L2P Volunteer Mentoring program and support a young driver today.


Aged services

There are volunteer opportunities to help older adults, such as food services. To learn how you can help, contact us.


Arts and cultural volunteering opportunities

Manningham Gallery, Manningham Art Centre and Manningham Playhouse Theatre

If you’re an art lover, you can help in our cultural venues either in:

  • front of house
  • exhibition assistance
  • administration.


Festivals and events

Community and club involvement in local festivals and events is also a fun volunteering opportunity. Contact us today for more information.


Environmental and sustainability volunteering opportunities

Tree planting and vegetation maintenance

We can connect you with organisations that conduct local land conservation activities. This is also a great opportunity for schools to get involved with their own student tree planting days.


Youth sustainability volunteers

Get involved in a sustainable goods exchange market.