Jackson Court Art Activation Project

5 Nov 2020
Jackson Court pop up park on a sunny day, mannequins sit at tables and walk across the grass

As part of Jackson Court Pop-Up Park, over February, March and April 2021 three public artists will work with community members to contribute to the placemaking at Jackson Court. 

Make sure you look out for their works over the coming weeks and drop down in to get involved.

Abbey Rich

Be part of a collaborative artwork with artist Abbey Rich at Jackson Court. Visitors are invited to draw endemic and native flora on surfaces around the park in an array of coloured chalks (paper/drawing boards etc will also be provided). These images will then be photographed and translated by Rich into digital drawings before being printed onto decals and re-installed as a temporary mural/decorative element within the park. The project will offer participants an opportunity to contribute to a larger, collaboratively produced artwork that will in turn add to the vibrancy of the space, to form connections with others through a shared experience, and to learn about native flora by studying and representing it detail.

Project Dates and Times:
Saturdays 6 and 13 February, 10.00am to 1.00pm

Due to COVID-19 restrictions issued by the Victorian government that will come into effect from 11:59pm on Friday 12 February, this event has been postponed until further notice.

For more information about the event, visit Art with Abbey Rich at Jackson Court.

Amanda Newman

Amanda Newman will work with local school students to capture their thoughts and interpretations of 2020 in words and drawings, in particular reflecting on the positive community connections that they might have made during the otherwise difficult year. The students’ words and drawings will then be incorporated into a word-based mural/installation (eg. ‘Together’ or ‘Manningham’) that will be painted onto surfaces at Jackson Court by students and their families.

Project Dates and Times:
Late February to March 2021

Skunk Control

Skunk Control’s project will engage school and community groups in workshops to create up to 220 butterflies using optical filters that will then be installed across the pop-up park on bamboo poles and in tree branches. As more butterflies are added, they will produce ever-changing kaleidoscope effect and provide a playful, vibrant immersive experience for visitors. During the workshops, participants will also learn about optics and the effect of light of different materials and surfaces.

Project Dates and Times:
March to April 2021

These projects are funded by the Victorian Government in partnership with Manningham Council.

For more information, contact gallery@manningham.vic.gov.au or phone 03 9840 9367