Celebrating and connecting in Park Orchards

24 May 2021
Liveable Places and Spaces

It was smiles all round when the Park Orchards Community House and Learning Centre held a community celebration to bring people back together after lockdown.

The event was a great success with all the fun ingredients including face painting, farm animals, sausage sizzle and a food truck. Over 100 people attended, with ages ranging from 1 to 80.  

Pauline Fyffe, Community House Centre Manager said it was important to engage people and make them feel welcome.

“We wanted to give people a chance to connect with others in the community. The event was a way for people of all ages to make new friends, do a tour of the centre and find out what’s on offer.

“There’s been many new families come to the area, so it was an easy way for adults and children to meet and have a laugh. The children loved petting the farm animals and having their faces painted.

"It was great to also see a lot of senior residents come along. We’re trying to prevent isolation and offer a place for lifelong learning with lots of courses and activities for all ages on offer.  

“It’s nice to think that people could go home after the event and know they’re not alone - they can be part of the community and join us if they want to connect and take part.

“We’ve now had families and individuals return to the centre after being away for some time. They have re-enrolled into some of our programs and the centre is now buzzing again. “

The event was funded by Manningham’s community-led Placemaking initiative.