Changes Proposed to Flood Overlays in Manningham

10 Nov 2015
Resilient Environment

Manningham Council, in partnership with Melbourne Water, has recently completed a review to provide a more accurate model of the impact of flooding across the municipality.

Following this review, Manningham Council is proposing to change the flooding overlays within the Manningham Planning Scheme, which will affect a variety of properties in the City.

The changes are being proposed as Amendment C109 to the Manningham Planning Scheme, which will be on public exhibition from Thursday 12 November to Thursday 24 December.

Amendment C109 proposes to introduce a new and/or revised Special Building Overlay (SBO) or Land Subject to Inundation Overlay (LSIO) to a number of affected properties.

The proposed overlays are to be applied to land in Manningham that may be affected by flooding from either natural watercourses (e.g. creeks and rivers) or from drainage pipes exceeding capacity.

For many of the affected properties (59 per cent) the changes will be minor, as they will either:

  • Have their existing flooding overlay removed completely
  • Have minor alterations made to the boundary of their existing flooding overlay
  • Be exempt from planning permit requirements if certain conditions are met.

Amendment C109 will assist Council to:

  • Consider planning permit applications for new buildings and works, ensuring that new homes and buildings are developed above known flood levels
  • Identify existing affected properties to target community education regarding flood impacts
  • Understand the numbers of properties that may be impacted by flooding, which will assist in prioritising future drainage upgrades.

Manningham Chief Executive Officer Joe Carbone said that the review has provided Council with more accurate mapping information on the extent of flooding across the municipality.

“The flood mapping will assist Council in prioritising initiatives to reduce flood risk to our community and pursuing opportunities for drainage upgrades.

“Amendment C109 does not change the risk of flooding to properties in Manningham, however it will allow Council to better manage the risk through the implementation of the new and revised flooding overlays,” he said.

The proposed Amendment C109 will be on public exhibition from Thursday 12 November until Thursday 24 December and can be inspected at the:

  • Manningham Civic Centre, 699 Doncaster Road, Doncaster during office hours
  • Doncaster, The Pines, Bulleen, Warrandyte and Box Hill branch libraries
  • Online at
  • The Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning website,

Those affected by the amendment and other interested people may make a written submission for Council to consider prior to making a decision to adopt Amendment C109 and submit it to the Minister for Planning for approval.

Submissions must be made in writing will be accepted online at or by mail to:

Manager Economic and Environmental Planning
Manningham City Council
PO Box 1
Doncaster VIC 3108