A cleaner, greener Manningham to call home

23 Mar 2018
Healthy Community

Manningham is getting greener with Council encouraging residents to join the Compost Revolution and help reduce our impact on the environment.

Manningham Council has partnered with Compost Revolution, an award-winning social enterprise that inspires, educates and equips households around the country to reduce the amount of food waste sent to landfill. 

Manningham Mayor Cr Andrew Conlon said this program was co-designed with Australian councils to help households start composting and worm farming.

“One of Council’s key climate change and energy policies is to reduce emission and encourage people to adapt to our changing environment,” he said.

“Home composting systems successfully divert food waste from landfill and turn it into rich soil and liquid fertiliser. This reduces the impact of climate change and greenhouse gases released when food waste breaks down in landfill.”

To encourage residents to join the revolution, Council will be subsidising the purchase of composting products by up to 60 per cent and providing free delivery. 

Photograph and interview opportunities are available.