Community Spirit

25 Nov 2020
Healthy Community

Manningham is a vibrant and diverse community with people of all cultures and backgrounds. We have a proud history of a multicultural community living, working and celebrating together. We want to showcase and celebrate this community spirit.

In this series of videos, we have asked some community members to share their experiences and get to see their passion for our community in Manningham.

Vavara Ioannou smiling


Varvara Ioannou

Meet Varvara, the founder behind an inclusive Australian Women's Greek Network and resident of Manningham for more than 40 years.

Heba El-Hakim speaking into a microphone

Heba El-Hakim

Meet Heba, a local business coach working with community language schools, including Arabic Culture School in Doncaster East.

Roland Hu speaking


Roland Hu

Meet Roland, who is new to Manningham and Australia and is passionate about helping Chinese-speaking residents and new migrants. 

Jennifer Chew smiling

Jennifer Chew

Meet Jennifer, a resident who works locally with people with disability and is proud to be part of our multicultural community.

Uncle John Baxter

Uncle John Baxter

Meet Uncle John Baxter, a well-loved community Elder and fearless champion for Reconciliation and Equity. In 2016, John was added to the Victorian Aboriginal Honour Roll. 

We have translated subtitles for all videos

العربية  | Ελληνικά  | Italiano | فارسی | 简体中文 | 繁體中文 

Subtitles are available in

  • Traditional Chinese
  • Simplified Chinese
  • Greek
  • Italian
  • Arabic
  • Persian (Farsi).

Select your preferred language in the settings for these videos. You can access settings once the video is playing in the bottom right hand corner of the screen.

Supporting culturally diverse communities

In Manningham, we celebrate our culturally diverse communities, we are proud to be an established welcoming city and a migrant and refugee welcome zone. We stand against racist behaviours or racial discrimination. If you have experienced or or witnessed any form of racism, there are resources available.  

Welcoming Cities is a national network of cities, shires, towns and municipalities that are committed to an Australia where everyone can belong and participate in social, cultural, economic and civic life and are inclusive of their diverse communities.

Racism. It Stops With Me is a national campaign that provides tools and resources to help people and organisations learn about racism and stand against it. The campaign advocates for positive change towards a more inclusive society.

If you have experienced racism, sexual harassment or discrimination, the Victorian Equal Opportunity and Humans Rights Commission's Community Reporting Tool is a quick way to report what has happened or any human rights concerns you have.